Agency/Department Requests

From time-to-time Spearhead Training Group LLC has a surplus of pyrotechnic devices that are expensive to house at authorized storage facilities. As a solution instead we donate these pyro devices to departments (National Guard, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services and Public Safety) for training purposes.

What is the process for receiving training devices? The below downloadable PDF is a fillable file that will allow any Training Officer or above to sign for the acceptance. The information will be reviewed and a POC established.

Once the file is signed and entered into our system, a UID or unique identification code will be created for that department or agency (internal use only). The department will be added to our “agency roster” and units of training devices will be sent to departments as storage levels surpass what the company can safely handle. As always, the training devices/ training aids must be shipped to the department and any shipping cost comes at zero cost to the department.

Department Letter Link(UPDATED 21AUG2023)
Once your department has the "Department Letter" filled out and signed in its entirity please scan and email it to the sales email listed below. 
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our team at