MUD Series Warranty

Hassle-free warranty. When a warranty is purchased for the device is a one time complete replacement of any and all broken and or defective parts due to exposure, damage or other unforeseen causes to include acts of war and acts of God.

The majority of the device must be present to use the warranty for device replacement. Should you as the original purchaser or member of the group purchase elect to have a device upgraded or repaired, all you will have to do is reach out via email or social media and one of our team provide you a repair ticket number so that the unit can then be shipped. Remember shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the device owner for any and all warranty and upgrades being done. Once shipped to Spearhead and before any repairs are to begin, any costs will be paid in advance of repairs. This will include the cost of return shipping. 

If the internal warranty seal is voided or broken it can still be repaired however it will come at cost of labor and parts that you as the client will have to paid first before work is to begin. 

If the unit is being sent from or to a address that is not associated with the original order please contact us via email so that we can ensure your device goes to the right address. This is strictly to ensure that you as the owner receive your proper device. 

Optional upgrades that are being developed and awaiting approval include the following.


Encrypted High Gain GPS (awaiting FCC approval for civilian use)

Extended Life Battery Pack

Multi-panel Solar charger(awaiting final prototype)