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MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit)MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit)
MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit) Sale priceFrom $300.00
Front of MUDv3 Device Side of MUDv3 Device
MUD Variant 3 (Repeater Node Unit) Sale priceFrom $300.00
Spearhead Training Group LLC logo product photo for warrenty service
MUDv3 Magnet mounting piecesMUDv3 Magnet mount on device
MUDv3 loop mounting piecesMUDv3 loop mounted on device
MUDv3 clamp mounting piecesMUDv3 clamp mounted on device
MUDv3 Strap mounting pieceMUDv3 Strap mount on device