Return/Refund/Dud Policy

SALES HAVE A LIMITED 7-DAY RETURN POLICY FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Once received and inspected, a refund will be issued within 30 calendar days—30% of the subtotal and any shipping costs. 

Example: $100.00 spent on a product, $15 for shipping. The total is $115.

$100 / 100 x 30 = $30 + $15 for shipping costs = $45

$115 order total - $45 = $70 refunded within 30 calendar days.


ANY HAZMAT ITEMS CAN NOT BE RETURNED, AS ONCE THEY ARE RECEIVED, THE ITEM CAN NOT BE CERTIFIED. Hazmat devices have internal components that cannot be verified as not being tampered with. As such, all hazmat devices have a "zero refund policy", and an "all sales final" policy for our safety, the safety of our customers, and the safety of our shipping company staff.

Shipping cannot be refunded. Additionally, any local orders will not be granted a refund as they have internal components that cannot be verified as not being tampered with. The typical refund request we get for hazmat is that the client placed an order for the hazmat and didn't receive a specific brand or manufacturer. Once again, we only sell specific manufacturers as a special order.

Under any circumstances where a refund is issued, a 30% restock fee will be part of the funds withheld to include any shipping paid. The moment the order is placed, shipping is paid to a third-party company.

Under any circumstance where orders cannot be completed for any reason, such as an act of god or otherwise, a full refund will be given to the client via the card information that was used for the order. The unfortunate event is something that we as a company have agreed to accept and bear that burden of cost only in the event of an act of God or things outside of our control.

Hazmat Device Policy

  • In the event of defective hazmat devices that fail to operate due to a manufacturing flaw, STG can issue an account credit for use with future orders. 
  • Pictures and/or videos will be required to successfully process an account credit and device deficiency with all manufacturers of hazmat devices.


If you have any questions, please email