Mesh User Device Programming Guide

This page will be a setup guide for the MUD devices flashed with meshtastic firmware and ATAK on an EUD. Additional guides will come out as more supported apps and end user cases are released. 


MUD Variant 1 / 2 Setup


Warning: Always ensure antenna is connected before applying power to MUD.


  1. Connect USB-C-M to MUD Ensure retainer is snug to Bulkhead Connector.
  2. Note: If USB-C-F rotates please contact Customer Support to Fix/Replace Top Assembly.


Warning: Excessive rotation can cause internal damage to unit and void warranty.


  1. Check for loose or missing hardware.
  2. Check for damaged or missing parts.

Note: Other versions of the below listed may have success but these are tested for application. ATAK installed (, Meshtastic installed (2.3.4), Meshtastic Plugin installed (1.0.11)

  1. Connect MUD CLIP/ USB-C-M to EUD.
  2. Meshtastic should appear, if it does not appear by itself. See note below.

Note: If Meshtastic does not appear by itself remove the USB-C-M connected to the MUD V1/ V2 and rotate 180 degrees and reconnect the connector and retainer.

Note: A marker can be used to mark the outside of the USB-C connector to identify which side should be placed outward on the MUD.

  1. Once connected and Meshtastic appears select the last tab that displays a “Square with a Gear”.
  2. Select the Region Tab and select US.

Note: Each time a setting is changed on the MUD it will cycle power and updated the MUD.

  1. Next, select the three dots at the top right corner of the app.
  2. Select Radio Configuration and Device in the menu.
  3. Select TAK, scroll down and select send. This will allow ATAK to take control.
  4. Select ATAK from your apps.
  5. From the menu access the plugins menu and ensure the Meshtastic and Meshtastic Plugin are both Installed/Loaded and current.
  6. You should now see the Green Icon at the bottom right corner of the ATAK Main Screen.
  7. You can now send messages to the remainder of your team that is programmed with the same channels via Meshtastic.


WARNING: The default channel and Key is loaded into all Meshtastic devices. Ensure you generate your own KEY and Channel to prevent any security concerns.


NOTE: Additional Channels can be added from the Meshtastic App by selecting the 4th tab that displays a “circle with a signal icon” by selecting the pencil icon and adding additional channels from that menu. Ensure you scroll down and select send to update the MUD with additional channels.