Pre-Order Notice

Please read this page in its entirety as once a pre-order is placed it is quickly filled and set aside for shipping pickup. If any questions arise on timelines please contact us via instagram first before placing an order to avoid any unnecessary restocking fee.  

All preorders placed on the site are going to be shipped on a weekly basis with some stipulations. Those stipulations are as follows.

  • Shipments will be pushed in the event that storage of hazmat reaches an automatic pickup from shipping vendors. 
  • Preorders of distraction devices will be sent as the cases arrive as be sold as preorders and batches of 100-300 units at a time to not flood the sorting facility or the certifiers. 
  • Orders that have a mixed selection of Distraction Devices and Smokes will be set aside to allow the cost savings of not sending partial orders to shipping department. Once the entire order is ready to be fulfilled it will be shipped via normal shipping methods. 

For pre-order cutoff dates of smokes. Orders places that contain smokes will be ordered at the end of each month from the manufacturer and tentatively received by the second week of each month. Once received the smokes will be sent out with the next regularly scheduled shipment of other hazmat. 

Under any circumstance where orders cannot be completed for any reason such as act of god or otherwise a full refund will be given to the client via the card information that was used for the order.