Optical Exposure Device Repair Kit Guide

Have you ever wanted to drive with night vision and had your dashboard and panels inside of your vehicle been too bright? Currently on the market there are several solutions to limit the amount of light that can enter into a night vision assembly. Instead of putting a few different parts and assemblies together we decided to make a guide on how to order those exact parts and allow you as the end user to put the 3-4 pieces together yourself. We will have the parts available on the site but we encourage you as an end user to buy the parts, save the costs and enjoy the product. 

The four pieces you will need are a NVG Threading Adapter, a Iris Diaphragm, Ultra Slim Optics Filter, and a 37MM Protective Cover(Optional). 

For NVG's that have PVS-14 glass you will only need an Iris Diaphragm, Ultra Slim Optics Filter, and a 37MM Protective Cover(Optional). This is due to the PVS-14 glass already having the required threads to directly thread the Iris and the Filter to the NVG device. 

For Non PVS-14 glass you will also need an NVG Threading Adapter. This will add threads to the exterior of the NVG and still allow full use of the NVG itself. To cut costs we have decided to manufacture the NVG Threading Adapter in house and made out of a durable Glass Filled Nylon(GFN) material. The adapters that are currently production ready are for PVS-31A. 

Do you have a pair of NVG's that aren't PVS-31's or PVS-14 glass? We can take measurements off your NVG's and build an adapter for you for FREE in exchange for allowing us to use your NVG's for measurements. This will be a first come first serve basis and we will pay for shipping costs to and from as well as a pair of free adapters. 

Threaded Adapter(TAG/STG) Required for Non PVS-14 Glass NVG's

Iris Diaphragm(Ali Express) Only one option available.

Ultra Slim Optics Filter (Ali Express) Make sure to choose Green, 37mm.

37MM Protective Cover(Amazon) Optional Piece for transportation or when not in use. 

Once again we encourage you to save the money and buy all the other parts directly from the links provided. For those that want to avoid the hassle of multiple orders and shipments you can order the exact same parts kit from our store and it will ship to you at an additional costs. 

Threaded Adapter comes in PLA or Glass Filled Nylon Material.

NVG Optical Exposure Device Repair Kit (PVS-31A Compatible)