Optical Exposure Device Repair Kit (PVS-31A Compatible)

Sale price$110.00

Repair Kit includes protective cap, sacrificial lens, iris adapter, nylon or PLA 3d printed adapter unit and O-ring for installation on PVS-31A.

We designed several different sized adapters to fit various recording (cameras'), observation (powered and non-powered binoculars's) and electronic devices (NVG) in conjunction with an imported iris as well as a sacrificial lens and cover. 

Designed as a friction fit device that goes over the objective lens for use in photography, and or astronomy observation devices, it includes some light-sensitive devices such as PVS-31A Night Vision System.

This device limits the amount of exposure from light into the system. Allowing for a sharper image to be seen by the human eye. 

Sacrificial lens is coated with an anti-scratch UV protectant that protects the iris from elements and particles. The protective cap comes installed and ready to use out of the box. Simply install the device over your objective lens (front) and remove the cover and you are all set.

Protective cap is intended to be used for transportation/shipping protection to protect the lens while in a box or pouch. The protective cap can be removed and stowed without issue. 

If you have a device that you would like an adapter to be designed for, feel free to shoot the design team an email or reach out to us via discord as well. 

Pricing is per unit. Agency sales are available. 

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Material: Full Nylon Repair Kit