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MIN ORDER REQUIREMENT IS BY CASE. LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY. Email admin@spearheadtraininggroup.com for any questions, urgent orders, and up-to-date inbound shipments. More cases are set to arrive in MAY 2024.This is a non-refundable "will call" item. Batches of 300–400 will come in each month and be shipped out in the same shipment week (7 days). This item is non-returnable due to it being Hazmat. Absolutely NO PO BOX for shipping addresses. Your order will be refused and refunded in accordance with the refund policy on the site.

AFG-4 is a pyrotechnic simulation hand grenade. It is filled with dried peas, made of foamed polyurethane, and has a cardboard body. This "Flash-bang" imitation effect grenade is the scaled version of the AFG-6. Compared to the AFG-6, it has a lower sound report and smaller dimensions, which will allow you to use it indoors and store it in standard 40mm ammo pouches. 

These items are for professional use only, and require P-TOP certification to be purchased. These items are not for consumer use. To purchase, possess, or use these items, a person must meet all of the requirements for professional use listed below. Link here for P-TOP Cert or Cert Verification if you have already completed the training. Login to the website provided to access the certification course.

The requirement for professional use only is met by a person when they have the necessary knowledge through education, skill, training, demonstration, and/or prior experience to safely, legally, and responsibly use articles pyrotechnic or fireworks. Professional use does not require that a person be employed or compensated to use Professional Use Only products. Professional use does not require use to be in commerce, and personal entertainment purposes are allowed. Professional Use Only products may not be used by a person who does not have knowledge and training on how to use the products safely, legally, and responsibly unless they are under the direct and continuous supervision of a person meeting the requirements of professional use.