IWA M12 Distraction Device

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Has a military style fly off lever assembly with a triple safety twist, pull and release system.

It is designed with a 2 second delay incorporated within the base ejecting sound unit which is constructed  from tough recyclable plastic. The delay/sound  unit within the device is full waterproofed  as an addition benefit for the end user.
The body is constructed from cardboard which is both a strong durable and cost affective material, and can be easily adapted to be a fully waterproof device.

The overall design and shape of the M12 ensures that it will fit modern assault vests and webbing equipment currently on today’s market.

Safety Distance - 5 Meters

Fuse burn Time - 2 Second (+/-0.5 sec)

Smoke Emission Time - N/A

Sound Level (db) - Single bang at 15 feet - Maximum 124db

Output - Light smoke

Product motion from test point - See Fragment Zone

Fragment Zone - Maximum 5 meters

Destruction - Cardboard disc maybe blown from tube

Safety Equipment - eye protection, ear protection and gloves. Please refer to Product MSDS & User Instructions

Product Dimensions - Height 121mm x Width 44mm