MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit)

Sale price$300.00


This batch is being built as we speak.

  • Off-Grid Communicator that integrates with ATAK 5.0
  • Team Chat (Send Messages)
  • GPS Tracking of Self, Team and Asset Trackers
  • Send COT to mark targets and buildings alike.
  • Encrypted with AES-256-Bit Encryption
  • Each unit is equipped with a USB-C connection port on the top that is used to connect to your EUD without the need for a Bluetooth connection.

Four different units will be available for each batch by pre-order in the drop-down menu.

  • Base Unit: A feature-packed unit without breaking the bank. NOTE: This is a non-GPS unit and can be upgraded to add a GPS function.
  • GPS Unit: The same feature-packed base unit, but it comes with a high-accuracy GPS unit installed as well as a GPS antenna installed as well.
  • The accessory pack includes a (1) vest-mounted antenna or flexible antenna, or stubby antenna (not currently available), and a (1) purpose-built waterproof USB-C cable.

A full programming guide will be posted, and a video walkthrough video will be made available as soon as it is complete.

Attach a 900 MHz antenna of your choosing and connect via USB-C to your EUD. 

A unit waterproofing / IP Rating is pending. 

We wanted to offer the same end-user capability without breaking the bank. So if you want the basic model, you can still keep up with the guys who have other models.

Units are not refundable. Because each unit is made to order, by selecting a unit for purchase, you understand, accept, and agree that the units are non-refundable.

The status of batches will be announced via Discord and/or Instagram, as this is a pre-order item. Once the quantity threshold is met to place an order for all the parts, the parts will be ordered and shipped for assembly. Once all the parts are received, units will be shipped out as they are completed or in batches to clients. Any adjustments to delivery dates will be updated via social media.

For questions or comments, please feel free to email our team or reach out via social media.

The current timeline to complete assembly and ship is 16 weeks. As always, this will be a supply constraint that we will work on from batch to batch to improve. Some parts are custom made and take time to manufacture. 

If you have a specific requirement for vest mounted antenna's versus flexible antennas, please email us to ensure your order requirements are met.