Spearhead Hassle Free Warranty

Sale price$200.00

This is an optional item for most customers, and a required item for agency purchases. As the name says "Hassle Free". Simply mail all the bits and pieces back to our listed PO BOX and we will repair the device if it can be fixed. If not we will send you a brand new still in package unit no questions asked. Please refer to the warranty tab at the top of the page for instructions on how to create a ticket and ship the unit. 

If you choose to enroll your device as a warranty device, any and all repairs must be done by Titan to maintain your warranty. For what ever reason the device stops working, send it back no questions asked and we will cover the cost of repairs up to one repair ticket as long as the warranty seal is still in place. Owner pays shipping and handling for warranty and non warranty repair tickets. 

If the seal is voided or broken it can still be repaired however it will come at cost of labor and parts that you as the client will have to paid first before work is to begin. Once the shipping is paid for one of our staff will email you a shipping slip for UPS so that the unit can be shipped to our facility. 


See the warranty page for any questions you may have. 


Style: MUD v1