MUD Variant 3 (Repeater Node Unit)

Sale price$300.00

This batch is being built as we speak. 

Off-Grid Communicator that integrates with ATAK via Forwarder Plugin. (Meshtastic Coms Plugin)

Bluetooth Connectivity to Android Device for setup only. Designed as a mesh node. 

Capable of ~53 hours on a from an internal draw LiPo battery. When operating GPS it consumes about 5x as much power so it would last about ~8-10 hours on the same battery. That said if you use the MUD v3 in a repeater capacity you should be able to get hours of use both in a tracking and mesh network capability. The MUDv3 comes ready to use and comes preprogrammed to take out all the guess work. Simply flip the switch to power the device, connect via meshtastic app then configure via ATAK Forwarder for end user/team use. Closing the enclosure is critical to ensuring no water gets into the case. 

If you use the non-GPS version make sure you document where you install the unit for later recovery. There is a operational trade off for GPS onboard. With GPS it makes locating the device easy. Without GPS is make recovery a bit more difficult for your team if they do not know where it was stashed however it gives a much longer battery life from drawing less power. GPS can be added or removed at your request by reaching out to our team and we can take care of it. If you attempt to do so it will void your warranty. We will offer free upgrades to all end users that have a warranty through Titan/Spearhead Training Group LLC. 

Features include

Comes Pre-Flashed with Meshtastic Firmware. Encrypted GPS yet to be released as custom firmware pending approval. 

Team Chat (Send Messages)

GPS Tracking of Self, Team and Asset Trackers

Send COT to mark targets and buildings alike. 

Encrypted with AES-256-bit  Encryption 

For warranty information, please see the Warranty page.

Understand each unit is hand made and takes time to make. Additionally, understand that because each unit is hand made and made to order units are not refundable. By selecting a unit for purchase you understand, accept and agree that the units are non refundable.  

Each Batch will be in units of 200 to prevent any work stops. As one batch sells out the next batch will be in the mail from the manufacturer. One a batch fills up the V3 will be marked as out-of-stock unit the previous batch ships. Pre-Order Item. Lead times will be updated on IG and here on the site.

Metal bands, magnets are provided, depending on the perspective requested. Shock cord is not included.  

Size: Metal Band Mount
Material: 500 mAh Battery