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Optical Exposure Device Repair Kit (PVS-31A Compatible)Optical Exposure Device Repair Kit (PVS-31A Compatible)
MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit)MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit)
MUD Variant 1 (Mobile/Handheld unit) Sale priceFrom $300.00
Front of MUDv3 Device Side of MUDv3 Device
MUD Variant 3 (Repeater Node Unit) Sale priceFrom $300.00
Sold out
Fully Assembled Breach penBreach Pen breaching tool Front angle
Breach Pen (Cutting Device) Sale price$120.00
Sold out
IWA M14 Smoke Grenade FrontIWA M14 Smoke Grenade Back
Sold out
IWA M12 Flash Bang FrontIWA M12 Flash Bang Back
Helmet Modification ServiceHelmet Modification Service
Helmet Modification Service Sale priceFrom $15.00
Tag-67 Frag (Pre-Order)
Tag-67 Frag (Pre-Order) Sale price$17.00